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Lynx Foundation is a Civil Society dedicated to the conservation of national and international biodiversity and wildlife through a variety of environmental projects in order to substantially restore wildlife and ecosystems.



Perform practical, theorical and scientific research to recover substantially national and international biodiversity and ecosystems that have been altered by man through contamination, immoderate logging, poaching and all those actions that harm the environment, Organize tours and awareness practices to create a culture of respect towards the animals, teaching and informing their importance to the environment.



Recover substantially national and international biodiversity that are threatened or endangered, and conserve those species that are not, heal and restore the ecosystems that are most degraded through reforestation projects and reintroduce native species of them,  Create a culture of respect to the animals informing the importance that they have for nature, ecosystems and human beings.




Carry out hiking, camping and guided tours in places dedicated to environmental conservation as zoos, national parks, aquariums, nature reserves and conservation centers where people can appreciate nature in a most direct way to raise awareness of vulnerable groups and the public in general.


 Conduct scientific and pilot research projects to recover substantially native species of Mexico that are threatened or endangered and also preserve those who are not.


Conduct scientific and pilot research projects to recover substantially foreign species that are threatened or endangered.



Promote eco-tourism activities and camps in order to teach the importance of ecosystems, ecological reserves and sustainable development.


Reduce the impact of man on nature through information campaigns on sustainable development  and moderate use of natural resources.


Inform through the media about the status of various species and ecosystems that are degraded or at risk also inform about conservation projects that have been developed in other national and international institutions.


 Pressure the government to take action for the conservation of ecosystems and especially of the native fauna of our country.


Complain to the authorities of those institutions, individuals or political parties and promote actions that affect the environment and wildlife.




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